Some links we found that could be interesting for you...

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View From the Top Very Useful! If anything is going on, someone will mention it here.
GIS Deport This is where I get all the topographic maps
Saranac Weather Provided by
ADK Trail conditions Very Useful! This is where we read other people's trip reports. 
Adirondack 46ers Page Official site of the 46ers
Adirondack Mountain Club Official site for that park
Jacques et Johanne Fellow hikers page (good reports on all ADK 46 peaks)
NY DEC site All the rules and regulations
Satellite image of ADK Provided by Microsoft Terraserver
Baxter park, Maine  
Millinocket Weather Provided by
Baxter State Park Official site?
Mount Or is this the official site? (better site anyway + awesome photos)
Baxter trip report One awesome photo-report by a fellow hiker


David Kennedy