Sandra and Claudia take to the trail near one of the nunmerous water falls.
Another of the amazing waterfalls along the Falling Waters trail
Sandra laughs it up with François.
Sandra, Claudia and François pose near Stairs Falls.
Little Haystack can be one cold place, even on a nice day.
Cainrs and peaks are interwoven along the ridge trail to Lincoln.
Ridge trail to Lincoln
Looking accross to Cannon Mtn
Sandra finds it chilly yet 'pretty' along the way to Lincoln
Alpine tundra lines the ridge trail the entire distance.
Looking back from Lincoln the ridge trail looks quite amazing.
Looking East toward the Bonds
Over the hills Lafayette is visible at last.
Slicing its way throught the shrubbery, the trail snakes a path to Lafayette.
I lent my camera to an eagle for this shot of the gang along the ridge trail.
Rising tall, Lafayette beckons.
The Greenleaf hut, down from Lafayette summit
Claudia and Sandra no longer speaking or just speachless?
Looking back from Lafayette, I feel born again.
Frank, why don't you reach right up and touch the sky?
I'd rather pose for this photo.
From the Old Bridal Path, Lafayette
Also from the Old Bridal Path, Lincoln