Mt Katahdin
The South Basin from Chimney Pond trail
Starting up Cathedral
7UP! We pause for a short break.
Holding the fort, François poses for this photo.
Up the steep slope.
Pamola beyond Baxter
Nearing the summit on Cathedral trail
The tablelands between Baxter and Hamlin
Another short break before the final assault on Baxter peak
Nadine waits for us at the top.
Marie-Hélène and Philippe pose for this summit photo
Marc smells the horizon
Where did Marie-Claude go?
This is where it all ends... or begins!
A very proud Marc at the summit
The uninhabited northern Maine
This photos reminds us of our first trip to Baxter
Chimney Pond Campground. If only we had brought parachutes...
The South Peak, start of the Knife Edge
David on the other side of the camera
The Knife Edge and Mt Pamola
Chimney Peak and Mt Pamola
Now that's steep!
Mt Hamlin... tomorrow's quest.
Good thing he's no longer carrying the camera