The group poses in front of our bunkhouse
Snowshoe hare run around the camp looking (begging) for food
Getting ready for dinner
Chimney Pond
A moose arrives in the campground
Summit photo: Hamlin Peak
Getting ready to go through the clouds
We can actually see the trail now
Christian takes in a view of the upper North Basin
The Knife Edge, Mount Pamola on left and South Peak on right, Baxter in the clouds
Pamola Caves: Jean-François squeezes through
Pamola Caves, Nadine comes out from a 2' wide opening
Chimney Pond wash basin
On the Knife Edge the group takes a break but the weather keeps pounding
Looking down from the Knife Edge
The thinest part of the Knife Edge; trail follows the spine
Christian, Juliette, Nadine and Réal hang on for dear life
Taken from the normal route, JF continues to work on his own. Where's that rope we brought?
The Knife edge (view lasted about 20 seconds before disappearing in the clouds again)
Basin Ponds in the valley