Getting lost "Au Diable Vert"

(October 4 to 5, 1998)

On top of the world, in the middle of nowhere, we stood contemplating natures best: autumn in the province of Quebec. Seemingly away from all piece of civilization ("Au Diable Vert" is French for "In the Middle of Nowhere"), our belongings were trucked over to our luxurious tent sites. For a mere $5 CDN and a good tip, dry firewood was delivered to our doorstep. Meanwhile, the UPS guy is still on his way, trying to find this "damn ol' place".

A copious fire grilled diner was served on an adjacent picnic table. For those who could not stand cold pork chops, roasted duck was available at the cottage / motel some 300 meters away, down the hill. It seems French tourists enjoy this cozy lifestyle as a group of at least 30 was still cheering and sipping whine in the wee hours of the morning.

Following a good night sleep in a not so good Motomaster tent, we rose, ready to face our most daring challenge so far, the pipeline climb. A short downhill trail, running by an abandoned sugar house (sugurring is not very popular in October) led us to this seemingly endless pipeline trail which steeply rose upwards for more than 800 meters of very boring activity.

Thereafter, our trip became much more enjoyable as we entered the "Sentiers de Sutton", on moderately climbing trails up to Mowawk Lake. There, breathtaking pictures of animals and scenery could be taken along the way. A quiet picnic along Mowawk lake was clearly the highlight of our day, as we actually spent a lengthy period stationed on top of a rock overlooking the lake. We've witnessed a "weirdo" swimming in his undies with his dog in 4oC water.

Coming back along the same path, we discovered a small brook with very refreshing water. The trees along this area were quite spectacular. One even looked like a football field-goal post!