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Mountain Profile: Mt. Marshall, NY

4360' (1329m)
Order of Height
NY:25/46 NE:49/111
GPS Coords (NAD27)
18T 579002E 4886307N
Summit Type View Rating
Trees F
Trails Distance Elevation Gain Map Link Difficulty Rating Our Photos
From ADK Loj via lakes 8.0mi (12.9Km) 2792' (851m) 5.1/10    
From Tahawus 6.8mi (11.0Km) 2690' (820m)   5.1/10    


Marshall is the southern-most peak of the MacEntyre range. It can be reached by following the Herbert Brook up from Flowed Lands. Herbert Brook is known to be quite amazing during the winter months. The summit is viewless.

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From Cliff (03/15/03) From Colden (08/25/02) From Colden Slide (08/24/03)

David Kennedy