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Mountain Profile: Haystack, NY

4960' (1512m)
Order of Height
NY:3/46 NE:11/111
GPS Coords (NAD27)
18T 587950E 4883980N
Summit Type View Rating
Rocky (360) A+
Trails Distance Elevation Gain Map Link Difficulty Rating Our Photos
From ADK LOJ 8.1mi (13.0Km) 3944' (1202m)   8.0/10    
From Garden 8.0mi (12.9Km) 3479' (1060m)   7.5/10    


Haystack makes for a pretty long hike. The summit is completely open and can be dangerous in bad weather. In winter the peak sometimes gets so iced up that you need ice climbing equipment to reach it. Many people consider this one to have the most awesome view of all the high peaks.

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From Dial (10/6/03) From Marcy (03/8/03) Marcy-Haystack Aerial+Topo

David Kennedy