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Mountain Profile: Algonquin, NY

5114' (1559m)
Order of Height
NY:2/46 NE:9/111
GPS Coords (NAD27)
18T 581015E 4888096N
Summit Type View Rating
Rocky (360) A
Trails Distance Elevation Gain Map Link Difficulty Rating Our Photos
From ADK LOJ 4.0mi (6.4Km) 2639' (895m) 1.8/10 B 2000 Sep 22
2000 Nov 11
2001 May 02
From LOJ + Lake Colden 7.6mi (12.2Km) 3269' (996m) 3.9/10 A 2002 Sep 29


Algonquin is a rather short hike relative to its elevation but the summit can be dangerous in bad weather. The last part of the climb is made up of smooth rock slabs which are slippery when wet or icy. You may want to bag nearby Wright and Iroquois along the same trail.

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Additional Photos (click to enlarge)

From Boundary (09/25/02) From Cliff (03/15/03) From Colden (08/25/02)

David Kennedy