Since 1997, more than 60 people have joined me, Dave Kennedy, on one crazy adventure or another, hiking and paddling in the Northeast. Through this site I wish to thank each of you for sharing some great moments along the way. Please enjoy the pictures of our trips as well as other useful information for organizing your own!

Thank you:
Afif, Agnès, Alexandre, Aline, Amélie, Anne, Annie, Barbara, Bernard, Brigitte, Brigitte, Catherine, Chantal, Christos, Christian B., Christian D., Christine, Claude, Claudia, Cécile, Daniela, Danny, Dominique, Dominique B., Éric, Fabrice, France, François B., François T., Frédéric, Gideon, Hugo, Hanna, Hélène, Jean-François, Johan, Julien, Juliette, Karine B., Karine L., Kim, Louis, Ludovic, Marc, Marc-André, Marie, Marie-Claude, Marie-Hélène, Martine B., Martine J., Mathieu, Nadine, Natacha, Nathalie, Natalie-Anne, Olive, Olivier, Patrick, Philippe L., Philippe O., Philippe T., Richard C., Richard L., Roger, Réal, Sandra, Sophie, Stéphane Je., Stéphane Jo., Stephen, Steve, Sylvie, Vania, Vassilia, Yseult, Yves and Yvon.

A very special thanks to François and Philippe T. for their gracious help with the pictures as well as the construction of this web site.

There are now over 150 megabytes and 1800 photos on the site!!!

Due to extensive use of dynamic pages, you need at least Internet Explorer 5 or Netscape 6 to see the photos.

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